If you require support, please contact the UK LOCKSS Alliance helpdesk:

EDINA is leading the provision of technical support for the UK LOCKSS Alliance, providing technical support, strategic guidance and programme development.

The aims of the support service are:

  • To provide the UK HE Community with support to establish LOCKSS as a core approach for the archiving of scholarly content.
  • To run a program of workshops and encourage an active mailing list to discuss the risks and benefits of journal archiving models in the UK, ensuring that central and individual UK strategy minimises long-term risk.
  • To coordinate library activity to identify journal titles for inclusion, focusing on at-risk titles as identified by the UK community.
  • To undertake negotiation activity to encourage publisher participation, and to coordinate library activity to convey need to publishers.
  • To build a community of librarians interested in scholarly content archiving, providing a common forum to highlight issues and discuss solutions. This will be achieved through the use of a mailing list, and periodic face-to-face workshops.

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