Participating Institutions

New members should read the ‘UK LOCKSS Alliance Quick Start Reference‘ guide.

The following UK Higher Education institutions are currently participating in the UK LOCKSS Alliance:

The UK LOCKSS Alliance participates in the wider international LOCKSS Alliance.

Journal title nomination form

It is important that the UK LOCKSS Alliance Support Service learns of at-risk journal titles, or titles that are particularly important to your institution.  To nominate a title for inclusion in LOCKSS, please complete the form below.

Following nomination, the UKLA Support Service will poll the UK membership to assess community support for this title;  we require at least votes in favour to initiate negotiations with the publisher.  It will be necessary to schedule negotiations according to available resources, however gathering information on priority titles will help us achieve this scheduling.  The UKLA Support Service will circulate updates on nominated titles and negotiations.

To identify whether a title is already participating in LOCKSS, please see either the list of titles committed to LOCKSS, or the Keepers Registry.

LOCKSS System Documentation

Please see the resources below to access documentation for the LOCKSS user interface.

If you have additional questions you’d like to see addressed, or would like to share documentation for other members, please contact

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