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The UK LOCKSS Alliance is a membership organisation of UK Higher Education and Research Libraries. To sign up or renew your agreement, and to view current membership fees and terms and conditions, please visit the JISC Collections membership information page.

Why participate in the UK LOCKSS Alliance?

Participation in the UK LOCKSS Alliance improves a library’s ability to guarantee long- term access to scholarly information, reducing the reliance on external service providers.

Globally, hundreds of publishers and librarians have joined LOCKSS to ensure that libraries continue their role as custodians of information. Join them now and make a difference. The UK LOCKSS Alliance will allow your institution to:

  • Build local collections of scholarly assets for which you have already paid
  • Activate perpetual access rights to content when needed
  • Receive dedicated support and guidance on all aspects of LOCKSS
  • Become a member of a growing UK electronic journal archiving community
  • Influence LOCKSS development to better meet your institution’s needs
  • Influence content development by helping identify and appraise titles of interest, both for commercial and open access use

Why is e-journal archiving important?

The Internet has enabled the library to make electronic journals available to readers when and where they want.

But the current model of electronic distribution comes with risks. The library is reliant on an external party to provide access to content over an indefinite period of time. What happens if the external provider can no longer facilitate access?

Allowing libraries back into the information management process gives librarians and scholars confidence in the electronic environment.

Online services have changed the way information is accessed. While libraries should not reject the benefits provided by external online services, it may be prudent for libraries to consider the risk of depending on them exclusively.

What is required of my institution?

LOCKSS allows a library to build a local archive of scholarly content. Each participating institution is responsible for the provision of hardware, installation and maintenance of LOCKSS. EDINA offers a dedicated service to assist with ongoing support of LOCKSS boxes.  A ‘Getting Started in the UK LOCKSS Alliance‘ guide is available, and briefing updates summarise recent activity.

LOCKSS requires library staff to undertake periodic administration to select and archive titles considered important according to local collection development policies. Experience suggests this requires approximately two hours per month.

A library can only collect and preserve content for which it has a current subscription, or content which is freely available, and which has appropriate LOCKSS permission statements associated with it. The full list of content available through LOCKSS is available on the LOCKSS website. Usage of the content preserved in LOCKSS is subject to the original terms and conditions of the publisher’s licence.

The UK LOCKSS Alliance is a community-driven organisation and each participating institution is encouraged to contribute to the development of the LOCKSS approach in the UK. This may take the form of participation in discussions, surveys, and workshops; identification of important and at-risk journal titles; and system and plugin development.

EDINA is leading the provision of technical support for the UK LOCKSS Alliance, providing technical support, strategic guidance and programme development.

For more details on the UK LOCKSS Alliance and the benefits it can offer your institution, please contact

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