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News Roundups

Regular news roundups highlight ongoing system and content development, and keep members informed of the activities of EDINA and other UKLA members.

Briefing Updates

Briefing updates provided an in-depth look at the activities of the UK LOCKSS Alliance as a co-operative organization whose overall aim is to ensure continuing access to scholarly work in ways that are sustainable over the long term. We have replaced briefings with News Roundups, which we have found to be a more effective way of communicating with members.  Older briefings are available below in PDF format.

UK LOCKSS Alliance Community Development Project Plan

In August 2010, EDINA was awarded project funding for UK LOCKSS Alliance Community Development Activities. Copied below is the project plan as submitted to JISC.

A service review of the UK LOCKSS Alliance (UKLA) was conducted during September and October 2011, undertaken as part of the UKLA Community Development Activities project.  A follow on review will take place in early 2013 to assess the progress that has been made from this report.  The service review was an explicit activity of the UKLA Community Development Activities project, intended to direct the community support needed from the UK LOCKSS Alliance support team at EDINA, developers at Stanford, and between members of the UKLA.  The work consisted of a review of documentation, interviews with UKLA members and with relevant staff at EDINA and Stanford University.

A survey of the UKLA membership was carried out by EDINA during October and November 2011 to assess community demand and requirements for setting up a UK Private LOCKSS Network. The survey investigated the potential value of Private LOCKSS Networks to UKLA members and focused on assessing the type of content members wish to preserve in a PLN, together with the cost and resource implications.

UK LOCKSS Alliance Strategic Plan

For further details on the UK LOCKSS Alliance, see our strategic plan for 2011. The second half of the page details our priorities for 2010-2013.

External Papers

The UK LOCKSS Alliance follows a successful JISC/RLUK funded two-year UK LOCKSS Pilot Programme that explored issues associated with the practical implementation of LOCKSS in the UK Higher Education institutions.  Documents and resources from the UK LOCKSS Pilot Programme are available on the Digital Curation Centre’s LOCKSS pages.

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