Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe (LOCKSS) is an international initiative to ensure libraries remain central to the process of scholarly information management.  It provides libraries with the tools and support to easily and inexpensively take custody of the assets for which they have paid; to build – not simply lease – local collections of the scholarly material their readers care most about.

LOCKSS allows libraries to activate perpetual access rights when needed, without affecting the daily relationship between library and publisher.

Launched in August 2008, the UK LOCKSS Alliance is a cooperative movement of UK academic libraries that are committed to identify, negotiate, and build local archives of material that librarians and academic scholars deem significant. By ensuring that the library is involved in rights negotiation, collection decisions, and ownership of infrastructure it reinforces the role of the library as custodian of scholarly content.

The UK LOCKSS Alliance also acts as a focal point for discussion on the issues of journal preservation and rights management, providing a forum to discuss current developments. Our goal is to assist the UK library community in making a collective and considered response to changing environments.

The UK LOCKSS Alliance was formed following a recognition that librarians, publishers and community bodies such as JISC will need to work together to ensure the comprehensive safeguarding of scholarly content, in a form mutually advantageous to all parties.

EDINA is leading the provision of support for the UK LOCKSS Alliance. A dedicated team at Stanford University Library develop the LOCKSS software and lead and support its US and international development. The UK LOCKSS Alliance works with JISC Collections to build upon NESLi2 and NESLi2-SMP negotiation activity, and is a member of the Digital Preservation Coalition to engage with broader UK policy issues.

  • Read more on the benefits of the UK LOCKSS Alliance in our 2010 brochure.
  • For further details on the UK LOCKSS Alliance, see our strategic plan.

Contact Us

For assistance with support and general enquiries, please contact the UK LOCKSS Alliance team as follows:

Keep in Touch

Staff at participating organizations can keep up-to-date with regular developments from the UK LOCKSS Alliance by joining the UK LOCKSS Alliance discussion list. You can also follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/EDINA_eJournals. If you are posting tweets about the UK LOCKSS Alliance, please use the hashtag #lockss.

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