LOCKSS Daemon 1.52.3 now available

LOCKSS Daemon 1.52.3 is now available, with accompanying release notes.

To check which daemon is running on your LOCKSS box, the simplest method is to login to the LOCKSS user interface.  The daemon version is listed at the bottom of each page, as indicated in the image below.

To manually upgrade to the latest daemon, run the following command as root:

yum update lockss-daemon

To configure your machine to upgrade automatically,  run the following commands as root:

chkconfig yum-cron on
service yum-cron start

OpenBSD users should note:  this is the final OpenBSD release! If your LOCKSS box is still running an OpenBSD platform, please contact the UKLA support service at edina@ed.ac.uk as soon as possible to begin the transition.

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