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Access this feature of your LOCKSS box through the Title List link in the user interface.

LOCKSS Title List screen

LOCKSS Title List

A feature that we have been working on during the past year is the ability to export metadata about content holdings available or configured within LOCKSS. This has a variety of uses:

  • Produce a report listing the titles and volumes a library has configured for preservation in LOCKSS. This should help to justify and clarify the role of LOCKSS in your institution.
  • Produce a report for the library listing all the titles and volumes currently available for preservation in LOCKSS. This will help clarify what your institution can preserve at that time, and can be cross-referenced against your collection development criteria.
  • Produce a full list of available journal titles and volumes, which are then imported into Link Resolver vendor knowledge bases to support integration (see also the recent update on progress with this task). Link resolver integration means LOCKSS can then act as a backup source of content through an institution’s OPAC, in the case that the original source is temporarily or permanently unavailable. We realise that this is an essential feature for many users.

The default output is in KBART format; a set of recommendations for presenting title metadata in a way that is suitable for importing into knowledge bases. The same data can also be customised and exported in CSV format, or displayed on-screen as HTML. This feature can be accessed from the Title List link in the user interface. The output and the customisability have undergone some improvements since the initial release, providing increased accuracy and output that can be tailored to your needs.


LOCKSS Title List - KBART Listing

The Title List functionality is one of several enhancements that have been made over the last year to support access to content and metadata. The Title List code uses functionality in the new Metadata Manager, a behind the scenes module which extracts metadata from collected content and will help with OpenURL resolution.  Work completed at Stanford over the summer means there has been a significant improvement in the completeness of metadata available about the titles preserved in LOCKSS – in particular, many titles had missing or erroneous ISSNs, which have now been filled in with help from the ISSN International Centre. Additionally, much missing volume and year data has been added.

The Title List module increases the reporting capabilities of LOCKSS, and is also an important step in integrating link resolvers, a process that is well under way and nearing completion.

To learn about other recent developments to the LOCKSS software, please see the Daemon Release Notes. If you’d like us to write a blog post to explain any recent activity and development in more detail, please contact

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