Recent activity around integration of LOCKSS with link resolvers

The LOCKSS team have been working to integrate LOCKSS with link resolvers (read the background to this activity).  We know that this is a high priority for UK LOCKSS Alliance members, and so wished to give an interim update on recent progress.  Our current focus is integration of LOCKSS with Serials Solutions 360Link and Ex Libris’ SFX.

In August, we circulated a survey to understand the link resolver systems in use at member institutions.  Here is a brief summary of the results:

  • 67% of those who responded use SFX as their link resolver.
  • There are some concerns about metadata accuracy, completeness and freshness.  Members want clarity on how long it will take for new journal content to be listed via link resolvers.
  • People want control over when and how the LOCKSS integration is active, though this is partly an OPAC issue.
  • The majority of respondants listed “Customisable results page or appearance” and “Article-level resolution” as a benefit of the institutions Link Resolver.

We’re working with Ex Libris to include the LOCKSS target parser in the public SFX product.  Separately, we’ve been able to configure a manual test integration: here’s a short video clip (without soundtrack) demonstrating a trial integration at Stanford.

In the last few weeks, we’ve begun testing LOCKSS with Serials Solutions 360Link.  We’ve been able to ‘track’ a test knowledge base and following a search, access a title level journal.  Our next step is to work with Serials Solutions to improve article-level linking.

Here are some screenshots of our very early test integration with Serials Solutions products:

Citation Linker

Results list

We will keep members informed as further progress is made, and would like to thank members for their patience to date.  We’re excited that this is now nearing completion!


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